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Other Cases

Of the five SCOsource cases, the DaimlerChryler case is the only one with its own scofacts page, which has a complete set of the documents filed in the case. For the other four SCOsource cases (IBM, Red Hat, Novell, and AutoZone), you can find the pleadings and any dispositive orders on the scorecard page, and you can find the documents pertaining to any courtroom proceedings on the courtroom page. What you can find below are some miscellaneous recent or hard-to-find items. There are also links, for each case, to the pages at and that have nearly complete copies of the case files.

After the SCOsource cases, there are sections for miscellaneous other cases, with varying levels of detail.

SCO vs. IBM (tuxrocks page page)

Docket listing (alternative format: Docket activity report)

Misc. items:

SCO vs. IBM, in re: Subpoena to Oracle Corporation

This is a miscellaneous proceeding regarding a SCO v. IBM subpoena in another district. It is action 3:06-mc-80025-MHP in the Northern District of California (Docket listing).
Misc. items:

SCO vs. IBM, in re: Subpoena to Otis Wilson

This is a miscellaneous proceeding regarding a SCO v. IBM subpoena in another district. It is action 1:06-mc-46-PTS in the Middle District of North Carolina (Docket listing).

For several items from this case, see the 2006-05-30 hearing entry on the courtroom page.
Some other misc. items:

Red Hat vs. SCO (tuxrocks page page)

Docket listing.

Misc. items:

SCO vs. Novell (tuxrocks page page)

Docket listing

Misc. items:

SCO vs. AutoZone (tuxrocks page page)

Docket listing as of 2005-06-14

Misc. items:

MarchFirst bankruptcy proceedings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Illinois

Lead docket is 2001-BK-24742. Here's a docket sheet (2004-06-01) listing all the filings in the case.

Bert Young was hired as SCO's CFO on 2004-04-20. He served as marchFirst's CFO from its eponymous inception date, 2000-03-01, until 2000-10-31.

Andrew Maxwell is the court-appointed trustee of marchFirst's bankruptcy estate. He has filed, on behalf of marchFirst's creditors, two currently ongoing suits that name Bert Young as a defendant. Trial dates have not yet been set for these cases.

Andrew J. Maxwell vs. Bert B. Young et al. 2002-AP-00194 docket sheet (2004-06-01)

Andrew J. Maxwell vs. Bert B. Young et al. 2003-AP-01412 docket sheet (2004-06-01)

Bond v. PointServe

PointServe has been subpoenaed by IBM. PointServe is apparently the source of SCO's "MIT rocket scientists".

Here's a press report about this 2003 PointServe case, Gary Bond et al. vs. Pointserve, Inc., et al., case gn300836 in the 53rd District Court of Texas (Travis County), and here's a complete docket listing.


Robert Penrose was Canopy's Information Technology Director, who is mentioned in the Yarro cases.

His death on 2004-12-23 is the subject of Salt Lake County Sheriff's case 2004-138958. Here is the publicly-available redacted version of the case records (as of 2005-01-12).


Jeff Merkey is a lunatic whose litigation probably won't reveal much about SCO. However, he named this website as a defendant, and there's no "Scofactsfacts" to cover the case, so here's a Merkey page.

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