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 Intent to File Complaint in US District Court, District of Utah Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version  
 Author:  Admin
 Dated:  Wednesday, June 15 2005 @ 02:01 AM MDT
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General NewsJeffrey Vernon Merkey intends to file a Federal Lawsuit alleging defamation, civil rights violations, violation of the first ammendment right of expressive association, tortious interference, conversion, libel, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, interference with partner relations, and interference with economic gain against the named defendents, their agents, employees, and those who acted in concert with them June 22, 2005.

Any named defendant may contact this site and email to jmerkey@merkeylaw.com and make arrangements to remove internet postings deemed to be involved in these claims prior to this date, and you will be dropped from the lawsuit. After this date, you should retain an attorney and prepare for several years of litigation, subpeonas, discovery, depositions, and other legal involvement in your affairs until these matters can be presented to a jury in Utah and adjudicated.

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Welcome to MerkeyLaw!

This site tracks the Federal Lawsuits filed in US District Court, District of Utah against Pamela Jones, Groklaw, Finchhaven, Pagan Savage, Merket.net, Slashdot, Bruce Perens, IP-Wars.net and John Does 1 - 200. This lawsuit is scheduled to be filed June 22, 2005. Pamela claims she is not an attorney, but she probably needs to get one. The lawsuit seeks 100 million dollars in damages for civil rights violations, defamation, and two dozen other torts from each defendent. PJ's offspring are also named in the complaint and her co-conspirators, as well as other sites who have perpetrated lies that Jeff Merkey works for SCO, etc. ad naseum.

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