Subject:Activity in Case 2:04-cv-00139-DAK SCO Grp v. Novell Inc "Order on Motion for More Definite Statement"
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Case Name: SCO Grp v. Novell Inc
Case Number:2:04-cv-139
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Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Dale A. Kimball : Motion Hearing held on 7/17/2006 re [104] MOTION to Stay filed by Novell, Inc., and [109] MOTION for More Definite Statement filed by Novell, Inc.. Mr. Jacobs advised Court that [109] Motion for More Definite Statement is moot as pla will be amending complaint, and that arbitration will begin shortly as arbitrators are being chosen at this time. The Court heard the arguments of counsel as to the Motion to Stay and took the motion under advisement.Written Order to follow oral order: no.Attorney for Plaintiff: Stuart Singer, William Dzurilla and Brent Hatch, Attorney for Defendant: Michael Jacobs and Thomas Karrenburg.(Court Reporter: Becky Janke.) (kmj, )

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